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Extra virgin olive oil Istriano, Momjan, Istria, Croatia Istrian olive oil has wonderful pedigree. Indeed, some of the first records we have from Istria – written by the Ancient Greeks and Romans – were written specifically to boast of how good the olive oil was!

No less an authority than Marcus Valerius Martial (40-103), one of the most important Roman epigram writers, left a very positive record of Istria and its oil. And to this day, the region - with its olive oil - represents a culinary perfection par excellence.

It is Istria's climate and soil, as well as its geographical location, that provide the best conditions for the growing of olive trees. Therefore, the region is ideal for the production of the best sorts of olive oil, just as it was in the days of Ancient Rome!

Nothing can compare with this liquid; it is simply incomparable. Istrian olive oil is a symbol of the Mediterranean, and is a special treat and pleasure. This is the most valuable oil, an aid to human nutrition and beauty, and is even claimed by many to alleviate a variety of ailments.

The ISTRIANO brand includes oil from a number of olive varieties; Istrian Buza, Istrian Bjelica, Pendolino and Leccino. They all have the essential properties which a high-quality oil must have, namely a balanced mix of sharp, fruity, bitter and spicy tastes!

Our products are the result of thousands of years of experience and expertise. We are confident that you will be just as impressed as the Romans!